On the Way to Who Knows Where

The right title for a painting can be as much a part of the creative process as the actual painting. Of course the painting has to be successful and meaningful visually, but a good title can enlarge the context, frame the meaning, or add a playful note to experiencing the artwork. When I started the group of watercolors “Migration Series,” I was influenced by new images of space coming from the Hubble Telescope. Many of the early titles came from observed scientific phenomena. As the series developed, I started to take liberties. If scientists could name nebulas, why not me? These two watercolors reflect both the serious and impish sides of imagination.       

TM8075 Migration Series - On the Way to Who Knows Where 22x30 watercolor, iridescent watercolor, ink, and pencil


TM6645 Migration Series - The Hope Nebula 22x30 watercolor, ink, and pencil

One thought on “On the Way to Who Knows Where

  1. An artist friend of mine, Sherwin DeGraff, wrote me an email in which he used the phrase “…drawn into heaven.” , which has inspired a few images. I pass it along to you.

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