It’s all matter and energy

 When I started painting the Water Music Series I hardly expected to find my self contemplating outer space, but a few accidents and spills in the studio and I’m finding that my techniques for painting the energy in waves can also suggest the energy and reflective dusts found in nebulas. A spray of water droplets or a view to distant stars? The similarities are intriguing, and so I’ve started working on a series of 6 x 6″ oil on panel cosmos paintings. A selection of both the 6 x 6″ Water Music Crescendos and the 6 x 6″ Cosmos oil on panel paintings will be on view at my open studios November 6 & 7 (click on open studios preview page at right.  (In the next few weeks I’ll upload more of the oil on panel Cosmos series – look for the paintings on the Watercolors and Cosmos page).

TM8076 Passing the Carina Nebula 6×6 oil on panel
TM8079 Reflection Nebula #2 6×6 oil on panel