Poetry and Painting

Sometimes, working on a series of paintings requires one to step back and ponder the question what was I thinking? For me, that question finds its answer  most often in the form of a poem. The precision necessary for a poem forces me to think clearly, and at the same time brings unconscious influences to the surface. Wow, was I thinking that?  The poem titled Observation, located beneath the  image, is a meditation on the cosmos paintings. Enjoy.
TM8111 In the Vicinity of Galactic Winds


Small white lights stuttering
at the fringe of certainty.

We stand aside and watch stars
pull their way into being,
amassing hydrogen, helium,
carbon, etc.

Grace notes navigating our ship
through the blackest sea.

We plot our charts, take copious measurements,
then mightily pull our way through
tides of myth and rampant speculation.

The oars keep getting heavier.

                                                                         Teri Malo

I’m pleased to announce that the new Portfolio: Cosmos Oils page is uploaded and ready for your viewing pleasure. The actual paintings will be on view at the Fenway Annual Open Studios November 6 & 7, available for sale.

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