An Immensity of Quiet

This week I chose to visit Campobello – at least in my imagination. The rain and overcast skies were reminiscent of the island’s fogs, and with the salty smell of Boston Harbor in the air it was an easy recall. The result is a new painting titled An Immensity of Quiet, which features a tree covered headland at low tide, seaweed on the lower rocks, brilliant yellow lichen climbing the higher granite reaches, and a fog rolling in.  
Coming from Boston, one of the most amazing characteristics of Campobella to me is the enormous quiet one can encounter when hiking in the morning along the coast. While the cascade of broken and crumbling granite tells of harsh winters and battering waves, at other times the waves can be gentle, lapping at the shore as calmly as at an inland pond. Up close to the edge, one can hear the wash of pebbles rolling with the tide, but a short distance away the silence grows. I hope you too will hear it.

TM8117 An Immensity of Quiet 36x36 oil on panel

One thought on “An Immensity of Quiet

  1. Great painting with a wonderful title! You managed to catch the feeling of one of your watercolours. Softly lovely and lyrical.

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