Time Lapse

Sometimes a painting starts as one thing and becomes something else entirely. The two Time paintings below began as close-up waves, but after studying them for a while I thought they were more like views one might see through a telescope. So I sent them on a long voyage. By the time I returned to the studio to work on them, they had become meditations on time – how variable it is. One result of working on all these miniature paintings is another poem, which you will find at the bottom of this post. Enjoy! 

TM8116 Time Lapse 6×6
TM8115 Time Breaks Apart 6×6


The world shrinks

and I must paint each day

a little smaller.

Tiny brushes, miniature panel,

magnifying lens. A single drop

of oil to thin the paints.

Flawed data doesn’t reduce.

Accuracy matters, even

at this smaller scale.

My mostly modest output

will soon require a telescope

and a microscope.

The atom is the shortest route

to where I’m going.

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