Where do the notes go?

My investigation of the idea of water music – what it could be, how it might behave, what it might look like – leaves me wondering about the behavior of notes. Do they behave like water droplets? We know they can rise and fall. When a note is sung, does it evaporate? How quickly? If the notes are excited, can they collide or become agitated? Do they jump on (or off) their staffs? Interesting thoughts to explore visually. Below are two new paintings that consider some of these questions. Enjoy.

TM8138 Water Music - Notes Reaching Escape Velocity 12x12 oil on panel

TM8139 Water Music – On the Dispersal of Notes 12×12 oil on panel

One thought on “Where do the notes go?

  1. I love this turn in your paintings, Teri. Besides music, they make we think of being deep down under the waves of a lush and mysterious dream.

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