Reaching for a Higher Key

Finally! Sun, and it’s still light at 5pm. My palette is reaching for a higher key as I imagine a Winter Wave Finding Its Music, striving to arrange itself on the lines of the musical staffs that are ready and waiting. Three waves coming in; three nebulous rhythms of foam crisscrossing their way into the foreground. The painting was inspired, in part, by a concert given at the New England Conservatory. Bruce Brubaker performed brilliantly at the piano, and his interpretations of works by John Cage, Philip Glass, and Alvin Curran informed the “light touch” I tried to achieve in the painting, along with the repetition and subtle variations.

TM8154 Winter Wave Finding Its Music 36x36 oil

Also anticipating the return of light, and influenced by the same music, is the painting Theme for Three Variations. Again, the cresting wave, but in warmer colors; this time the backwash creates the repeating variation as it tumbles across the sand.

TM8153 Theme for Three Variations 36x36 oil

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