Symphony in the Key of Aquamarine

TM8159 Symphony in the Key of Aquamarine 36×60 oil on panel

If musical keys were colors, this would be a Symphony in the Key of Aquamarine. At 36×60 inches, the large scale of this interior view of a wave engulfs the viewer. At the same time, the close harmonies of tone and color offer a meditative escape. Below are two enlarged details.

Symphony in the Key of Aquamarine detail 1
Symphony in the Key of Aquamarine detail 2

As I worked on the painting, the sense of scale vanished…was this a wave or a nebula? The Cosmos and Water Music series are beginning to merge.

Technically, the painting began with dozens of clear colored alkyd glazes, after which I rolled a layer of semi-transparent, dark teal green onto the surface. While the rolled layer was wet, solvent was dripped from a brush onto the surface and selectively blotted. Textures were also pressed into the wet layer using shaped and rolled paper towels and various types of sheet plastic. When dry, additional glazes in various colors were applied and layered with carefully detailed, more opaque highlights. The painting has an enamel-like surface.


3 thoughts on “Symphony in the Key of Aquamarine

  1. I hate to put a “best” on any thing anyone does, but these are certainly close. They are wonderful!

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