North or South

I’m taking a metaphorical break this week with two reveries.  Whether to go north or south for some fresh air, that is the question.  A salt marsh with granite outcrop from the north shore, or a walk on the Cape Cod National Seashore…with spring moistening the air, they both sound good.

TM8163 From a July Morning 30x36 oil on panel

TM8162 Down by the Salt Marsh 22x22 oil on panel

 Dream on …maybe a side order of clams, too.  Enjoy!

Technical painting notes – As with most of my paintings, I used a panel rather than canvas because of the surface it provides and its receptivity to detail and crisp brushwork. The panels are first primed with several coats of  alkyd primer (sanding lightly between coats). This provides a very smooth, white surface. I usually paint with thin layers of transparent colors and glazes, trying to keep some of the light of the panel (as a watercolorist would use the reflectivity of the white paper to keep a painting luminous). The oil paintings are definitely  informed by my previous experience in watercolor.

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