Finally, Spring

TM8166 Finally, Spring 24x24 oil on panel

Every year when the buds open and the trees blush, I have to get out to my favorite pond and paint. It’s a raging must.  This year especially, after such a harsh winter, the leaves and flowers are just SO welcome.  This intimate view across the water to dried grasses and budding trees is my version of a breath of fresh air. Enjoy – more to come!

Technical painting notes – The painting is on an alkyd primed, braced masonite panel. The image was developed with many layers of transparent color (primarily transparent gold ochre, transparent red iron oxide, prussian and sap greens, dioxazine violet, and greenish umber).  An alkyd medium was used.  The tree branches were achieved, in part, by scraping into wet paint. The water was built up with many thin linear strokes which were softened by dragging a wet, medium dampened brush across their surface while still wet. Some glazes were applied between layers of detailed painting. Liquin Impasto alkyd medium was mixed with some of the color and applied with a knife to achieve textures suggestive of buds and twigs in the tree areas (especially on the right).  Other colors used include ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, permanent alizarine crimson, hansa yellow, cadmium lemon yellow, chrome green, titanium white, indian yellow, and quinacridone violet. Oh yes – and the painting was begun last year then set aside, awaiting completion, until the trees and weather could bring back just the right conditions to complete the work.

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