Morning at Quoddy Head

TM8168 Morning at Quoddy Head 36x48 oil on panel

 The fog comes in; the fog goes out. It’s as if the world were only partly present, and secrets were being withheld. Perhaps the artist in me thinks that if I keep painting, I’ll uncover something  – though I don’t know what. So it’s back to Quoddy Head again, and neighboring Campobello Island, to look for a new way to share this special place.

Of Special Interest! The town of Lubec, Maine (home of the Quoddy Head State Park) is celebrating its bicentennial this summer with festivities that include an art auction.  Artwork will be on display at the Lubec Grange July 2 – 8,  with a closing reception July 8 at 4:30 – 7pm. Last bids at 6pm, all for a fine cause! Below is a sneak preview of my contribution to the auction, Miscellaneous Punctuations #1. For additional information about the auction and events, e-mail questions to    

Miscellaneous Punctuations #1 12×12 oil on panel. This painting, indeed my whole stones series, was inspired by my first visit to Quoddy Head State Park. Walking the shingle on a misty, fog shrouded afternoon and finding (millions!) of striped and subtly shaded, ocean-tossed stones – I was entranced. They became the vocabulary for many abstract yet realistic paintings.

One thought on “Morning at Quoddy Head

  1. I wanted to comment on the auction painting and I forgot to write that “Morning@QH” is a great panoramic painting!

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