When the Sun Shines

TM8174 Sunny Day on Campobello 30x30 oil on panel

Welcome to a dry, sunny day on the island with a breeze off the water and time to enjoy it! While I frequently anticipate painting drizzly, foggy days because of the subtle colors and tones, sometimes the weather sends me a “perfect” day, and I have to work with it. The bright white ledge reflecting its light to the world is the real subject here, and an invitation to climb up and view the world from a new vantage.

Technical painting notes – When working with oil on a stony subject, even one this light in value, it is easier to start with a darker underpainting and “bring up” the lights gradually. The bluish shadows were glazed in layers using various blues (ultramarine and pthalo blue) mixed with a touch of burnt umber and transparent oxide red.

To make a graded sky, a “fan” brush is useful (sometimes called a blender brush – I like the nylon ones).  Mix the range of colors to be used, in this case a slightly grayed soft blue, a lighter version of the same color with a touch of  gold ochre, and a still lighter version with a touch of gold and even less cerulean. The colors were brushed in bands across the sky, loosely cross-hatched together with a soft nylon brush, then, starting at the top, the fan brush was used to lightly blend the still distinguishable bands. A very light touch works best. Periodically wipe the fan brush on a rag  to remove excess paint. I use a larger fan brush in the broad areas and a small one near details like the trees.

One thought on “When the Sun Shines

  1. hi Teri,
    nice job! You clearly can handle the sunny days too!
    Hope to see you this week in the studios.

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