Heat Wave

Improvisation on a September Pond

The Painter Ponders Painting, or
Decisions During a Heat Wave
Whether to take the heat
On its own terms – wear red,
Eat chili peppers, sweat
Like a glass of iced tea, paint
Blasted zinnias and marigolds
With buckets of cadmium red,
Pyrrol scarlet, nickel azo yellow
Or reflect oneself into a pond
Remembered from last September –
The water clear, reflections bright
With old greens, aureolin yellow
And the brilliantly cold blue
Solicited from the sky, borrowed
Until dusk crawls in with barely
A teaspoon of cool crimson
Limned with a soft brush and
a whisper.
Sometimes the muse is generous…sometimes it’s just the pressure to bring something to a poetry workshop. Either way, I hope you enjoy these short ramblings on a deeply summer theme. (more information about the painting is available in the post dated July 19, 2011.

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