Small Mysteries at the Quarry Pond











Where are the reflections coming from, anyway? It’s fun to look at just the water and puzzle out the implied landscape. In this case, a sunlit granite ledge dives underwater, and the lush summer foliage seems to follow. The bands of horizontal, though subtle, water movement imply a breeze. And is that a v-shaped suggestion of a passing wake? Who, or what, went by? One of the Small Mysteries at the Quarry Pond.

Technical painting notes – a smooth surface is the easiest for painting thin, controlled lines (one reason I prefer smoothly sanded panels). To paint the repeating linear movement in the water, I barely brushed on a little medium, then used a soft, nylon filbert brush with a knife-new edge to “draw” the colored zig-zag lines. Another soft brush was used to “drag” the edges and soften them. Glazes were added after the lines had dried, then the process was repeated to build up the illusion of seeing layers of reflection in the water.

2 thoughts on “Small Mysteries at the Quarry Pond

  1. Almost looks like a photograph, it’s so painstakingly detailed. Great painting, and the notes were very informative.

    • Thanks for the feedback – now to go find another intersting pond condition! It’s funny. As I was repeatedly zig-zagging my brush strokes across the pond, I kept thinking of a violinist working the bow…..

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