Blue Note

Small Mysteries at the Quarry Pond, with its crazy reflections, suggests a more colorful “water music” than the ocean paintings. I scribbled some observations after finishing the painting, and they turned into a poem. Enjoy!

Blue Note

I think I found it

Hiding here, low

In syncopated chords and

Overlapping rhythms,

Such jazzy hymns

To a tree idea

Reflected in fresh

Breeze beat water.

Zigzag trunks

And rippled patterns

Swing dizzy music

All day all summer

I want to clap

And say Amen

But that would break

The silence.

One thought on “Blue Note

  1. I love the way you painted the reflections in the water. Nice poem, too! Thanks for your comment, btw. I liked the comparison of yourself as a painter to classical music. I think there are a lot of that kind of similarity within art forms, and many of the same kinds of struggles that we can experience together.

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