Late Afternoon Walk to the Point

TM8198 Late Afternoon Walk to the Point 12×12 oil on panel

Late Afternoon Walk to the Point takes a northern approach to Campobello’s Con Robinson Point, and offers a view of the beautiful colors to be found in this eroding old mountain. I like to imagine this place long ago, when the mountains were towering and the landscape more stark – before the ice ages ground it down. Knowing the geological history, I respect the endurance of the granite and its ability to age so gracefully, and in that aging to offer toe holds for new life, such as the persistent trees.

Technical painting notes: There are so many ways to look at a subject – close or far, from every direction, in different seasons and weather conditions. Painting a place is a matter of developing a relationship with the place, learning its moods, its idiosyncracies. Only by going back to visit the environment repeatedly, and learning new ways to paint its spirit, does the place begin to reveal its secrets.

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