Homage to the Nomen Rock

TM8200 Homage to the Nomen Rock 12×12 oil on panel

Homage to the Nomen Rock  – what is a nomen? It is the landmark, the thing which stands out in the landscape, the visible sign that tells us where we are, and the emblem or vessel that carries the spirit of that particular place.  This is the outcrop that I visit first each time I go to Quoddy Head in Lubec, Maine. It carries a little of everything – iron oxides, gorgeous quartz crystals and intrusions, thick bands of smoothly grained dark gray granite, and, at low tide, a mantle of richly colored seaweed. It is, and represents, the mother of all the fractured and tossed stones around it. And it glistens in the fog.  My nomen. Enjoy!

Technical painting notes – I’m preparing a painting demo, not of this painting, but another which also features a nomen rock and firs. Coming soon!

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