The Climbing Rock

SOLD TM8201 The Climbing Rock 12×12 oil on panel


The Climbing Rock – some kids grow up with a favorite climbing tree, but in my family it was a climbing rock. Big enough to seem like a mountain, small enough that parents could let us have our fun. Were we scouts studying the distant trail, or spies trading secrets with our cousins? Or just hanging out reading a book and sucking on teaberries. Life can be so good. This rock, shown late in the day and in the year, is a feast of hand holds. Traces of moss cling to the damp sides, and the sheen of wetness makes it a bit more dangerous. Be careful!

Technical painting notes – please check out the step by step demonstration showing the development of this painting on the new demo post, located in a drop down menu under the workshops, demos  and painting techniques page (at top of blog).

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