Marconi Morning

TM8215 Marconi Morning 36×48 Oil on panel











The Marconi Beach at the Cape Cod National Seashore has an interesting history – it was at this location that the Italian inventor Marconi set up his wireless station to prove that wireless, trans-Atlantic communication could work. Erosion eventually destroyed the station, as ocean waves chewed at the high, sandy dune plateau. The steep beach is still lovely, however, and the Park Service maintains a lookout post high on the dune, overlooking the original site, offering a wonderful vantage for enjoying the stark beauty of the Cape Cod National seashore.

Marconi Morning shows waves rolling up to the sandy beach on a fine morning in June. I know Marconi “heard” the vibration of the water’s music  (and the vibrations of his tower)  during severe weather. I offer a more subtle music with this painting. Enjoy!

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