Song in the Key of Ultramarine

TM8229 Song in the Key of Ultramarine 36x36 oil on panel

We are all familiar with songs being set in a specific key, major or minor, but the colors chosen for a painting are also in a key – usually described as a high or low key, or a saturated or muted key. The key sets up the background emotional feel of the artwork – that which we sense before even recognizing the subject. In creating my new coastal paintings, I made a conscious effort to work in the “Key of Ultramarine,”  looking for various permutations and harmonies of the color. It can be a cold color (like our dear Atlantic), but when mixed with other blues and warm tones, ultramarine yields wonderfully rich effects. Song in the Key of Ultramarine explores some blue chords and finds the more light-hearted aspects of both sea and sky. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Song in the Key of Ultramarine

    • Thanks for the feedback. I love the intersections of art and music. The painting was also painted in response to Yo Yo Ma’s cd “Inspired by Bach.” I don’t know if he was seeing blues, but the clarity of the music and the clarity of the color blue seemed to go together.

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