From the Dune


TM8230 From the Dune 12x12 oil on panel

From the Dune, a morning glimpse over the edge of a dune looking to the sea, is a study in quiet color and soft light. It was the grazing light catching the top of the dune that caught my eye, and the challenge of painting dune grass and vegetation without getting caught up in too many details. All paintings are about finding a harmony of parts to make a whole. In this case, the gray, muted tones set the initial harmony, and everything else had to reinforce the quiet, subtle light. The grass could not be allowed to detract from the overall ambience – too much detail or contrast and the spell would be broken. So here is the result. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “From the Dune

  1. Interested in From the Dune TM8230 (posted 3/21/12). Beautiful! Pricing or is it still available?
    Thank you, Karlene Grange

    • Hi Karlene, I just found your query, and wanted to let you know that the painting is at Sono Galerie. You can click on the link to their gallery (right column of blog) and contact them directly. It is one of my favorite paintings! Teri

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