The Tide Returns

TM8239 The Tide Returns 12x12 oil on panel

Painting the ocean provides a constant reminder of nature’s cycles and their infinite variations – especially those related to time and the ebb and flow of energy. The Tide Returns is about the hypnotic effect of watching the tide work its way into the riplets of sand left by the preceding cycle, and the magnificence of the geometries created by crisscrossing wave patterns. It is a mesmerizing experience, to focus one’s attention on the patterns and escape all sense of time. Enjoy!

Tip: Much can be gained by working in series – developing an approach to a subject and honing one’s technique through successive paintings. As one becomes more adept with a subject, one can “let go” more often, and allow serendipity to inform one’s choices. I find the wave patterns often “go off in their own directions.” So be it. Isn’t that the way of water?

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