Along the Blue Margins


TM8249 Along the Blue Margins 36×48 oil on panel

Along the Blue Margins

 Blue margins are elusive. There is no beginning or end.  Rather, there is a continuous weaving of water and air, of presence and absence, of memory and fact. I see the sand, and in an instant it is gone, moved, ruffled, illuminated. The wave builds, thins, unfurls a fist of sound and is gone, leaving lace-like traces. Clouds obscure the present then rise like a chorus of unsound to praise a unique and glorious day.

Blue Margins – because blue is the color of clarity and temperance.  Because I love the vibration of ultramarine juxtaposed with cerulean. Because the blue note calls to me, and I can only compose with paint.

2 thoughts on “Along the Blue Margins

  1. I wish you luck as well! I’m going to a concert at nec at the end of June and if I have a chance I will stop by.

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