Water Music – Three Interpretations

Where do the notes go? A rich question open to many interpretations and reworkings. My exploration of the answers (and the question) in paintings continues with this posting of one familiar painting, one reworked painting, and one new painting.

In the newly reworked painting Notes Reaching Escape Velocity, the basic theme of notes evaporating has been adjusted to include more notes (droplets) and the tones and colors lightened to reflect the enthusiasm and joy of the notes reaching out to their full potential.

TM8138 Water Music – Notes Reaching Escape Velocity 12×12 oil on panel

Taking the idea one step further, the next painting, familiar from earlier postings and from its appearance on the blog Music for Time’s Ending, is the painting Water Music – The Dispersal of Notes, which shows the notes evaporating and dispersing, entering long-distance time and leaving the predictable time of familiar staffs.

TM8139 Water Music – Dispersal of Notes 12×12 oil on panel

The newest painting, titled Notes Escaping the Final Curtain, ponders the last act, the journey of sound toward a deeper space, both out into the mysterious universe and into the deep psychological and emotional space of the listener.  It is a journey without end. 

TM8254 Notes Escaping the Final Curtain 12×12 oil on panel

One thought on “Water Music – Three Interpretations

  1. Wonderful. I felt the pull of escape velocity, the track of dispersed notes, and the desire to peek behind the final curtain!

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