Water Music – Theme and Constellations

TM8136 Water Music – Theme and Constellations 16×16 oil on panel

The juxtaposition of disparate objects can foster new relationships. This 16×16″ painting was almost finished for over a year. I liked the feel of water flowing and the abstraction created by the bands of glaze, first green then a deep royal blue. It seemed to suggest that there are many ways to look at the world. But I knew the painting needed more.  This month I had an aha! moment. It occurred to me that the droplets of water in the crashing wave were much like stars in the cosmos – stars demanding recognition. It was seeing a star chart in the newspaper and examples of composers’ musical notation that triggered the idea. Why not find some of those constellations hidden in the wave? Below you will see a detail from the painting, with the stars connected by lines like those used to map the stars. The small addition of those geometric and very human lines suddenly brought a new and richer meaning to the painting. Constellations are the result of both myth and intense observation – something we humans both need and enjoy.  With the realization that more imagination was the key to finishing the painting, I am excited to see where this painting will lead me. Enjoy!

TM8136 Theme and Constellations – detail

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