On Seeking the Major and Minor Constellations

TM8260 On Seeking the Major and Minor Constellations 25×25 oil on panel

Continuing the new direction in my work is a 25 x 25″ painting titled On Seeking the Major and Minor Constellations. You might wonder about the words major and minor in reference to constellations. Aren’t they all just constellations out their in the night sky? Well, not exactly. As I pondered the idea of star maps, I began to think of all the possible micro constellations out there in the world and universe. Stars are in the macro world – huge beyond knowing. But the micro world of droplets, particles, grit also exists. I began to think of a painting that would bring the two together, or perhaps express our human desire to see and recognize patterns at all scales. Below you will find some close-up details. Enjoy!

TM8260 Detail from center of painting showing both stellar and droplet constellations.

TM8260 Detail from lower right of painting, onrushing wave with droplet constellations.


2 thoughts on “On Seeking the Major and Minor Constellations

  1. As always, beautiful work! When I was in mAine recently, I saw a skyfull of stars and leaping fireflies which were leaping spo high, you couldn’t tell where the stars began and the fireflies ended. It reminds me odf these works of yours. Marjorie

  2. Reblogged this on a current under sea and commented:
    Lovely way of noting patterns not also in water or music, but in sky. I’m a bit of an astronomy fiend (I have no actual ability to do any sort of astronomy but I love reading articles about it), so this is right up my alley.

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