Above the Dam

TM8274 Above the Dam 16×16 oil on panel

Above the Dam is a study in contrasts. I was drawn to the stony granite and calm water with its lily pads. A lovely landscape, but the underlying subject is really time: a comparison of that which endures and that which is fleeting. It is also about the pace of time’s passing: the trees and shrubs speak of decades, the water lilies days, the granite millions of years. A good painting, to me, is one filled with subtexts and metaphors. It is lovely to see and promotes reflection and thought. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Above the Dam

  1. This is great! It has a surreal quality like the vivid images that one has in dreams… beyond the shackles of conventional raelity.

    • Thank you Gregorio! I’ve been trying to tap into my unconscious, along with old memories, for these newer paintings. Sometimes even I’m surprised by what happens.

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