Early Morning Fog

TM8276 Early Morning Fog 16×16 oil on panel

Campobello Island in New Brunswick is home to some remarkably complex geological formations and weather. During my recent, short visit I experienced a glimpse of sun, waves of recurring fog, occasional rain, and the last gasps of Hurricane Isaac – all of which provided wonderful opportunities for photography and inspiration.

Early Morning Fog is an almost obscured view from Con Robinson Point. I have often tried to document this particular locale, but usually the tide or the weather or the light just wouldn’t cooperate. Because Campobello is on the Bay of Fundy, the tidal range is enormous, and one has to be very careful not to get stranded as the tide comes in. Add to that acres of slippery rocks and abundant seaweed – let’s say plein air isn’t always an option. Hence the need for a compact camera, raincoat, and good hiking boots. Even if you don’t have the hiking boots, I hope you enjoy our shared visit to Con Robinson. 

Technical painting notes: Overcast weather provides a softer light without harsh shadows – ideal for capturing subjects to paint. I shot photos from as many angles as possible, and bracketed the exposures hoping to catch some of the subtleties I saw in the fog. I used a small aperture setting, hoping this would allow for more detail and depth of field. I also brought some plastic bags with me, and used them to enclose as much of the camera as possible (to protect it from waves of drizzly fog condensing on everything in sight). Combining the new photos with some taken in past years, I now have a range of weather conditions and information available to use in the paintings.

2 thoughts on “Early Morning Fog

  1. Great Picture. I stayed on Campobello this summer while at cello camp The morning fog is just amazing. Did you see the eagles down near the light? I spent much time watching them. Only one baby this year.


    • I don’t think I saw the eagle, but I saw SOMETHING huge flying into the woods as I hiked a trail. Didn’t seem like a hawk – I’m familiar with them. Campobello can be pure magic! Were you part of Summer Keys?

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