September Morning at the Quarry

TM8277 September Morning at the Quarry 16×16 oil on panel

Yin – yang, hard – soft, granite – water. These contrasts form a continuing theme in my work, and the new painting September Morning at the Quarry is no exception. While the painting’s subject is based on a visit to one of Gloucester, Massachusetts’ quarries, the mood and palette is definitely from my recent overcast week in Lubec, Maine. The challenge of working with a limited palette of mostly grays is to keep it interesting. The result, when successful, is a mood of quiet contemplation. Enjoy!

Technical painting notes: To see stages in the development of this painting and a description of the process, click demos on the menu at the top of the page. (Sometimes a painting can seem finished, then a week later the muse sends a critique and you just know it’s time to go back to the easel. This has been one of those paintings. Check the demo page for an update.) Below, is the  newer version of  September Morning at the Quarry.

TM8277 September Morning at the Quarry 16×16 oil on panel

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