From Silence

TM8281 From SIlence 16×16 oil on panel

We all have favorite places, and Purgatory Chasm State Reservation is one of mine. With its chaotic jumble of tumbling granite walls, it feels as though a grumpy giant came through and whacked  at the walls, leaving mayhem behind. The  violent forces that create the chasm are evident everywhere, though it is also a beautifully quiet place. A geological fault line and too many freeze thaws to count have made the chasm a dramatic hiking destination. The chasm also provides a rich “library” for studying stones ( feldspar, schist, veins of quartz, lots of mica). The damp walls and abundant shade create ideal conditions for many varieties of moss and lichens.

In this painting I focused on some of the complex boulders close at hand – a portrait really – with a suggestion of the foggy woods beyond. The perspective is quite low, looking up from the trail at the bottom of the gorge. It’s a fun perspective, and provided a contrast of near and far that I found intriguing to paint – a theme in need of further development in the next painting! Enjoy.

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