Two Views from Campobello Island

TM8288 Homage to an Ancient Mountain 16×16 oil on panel

Campobello Island, with its rugged terrain and location near the tip of the Bay of Fundy, offers uncountable subjects for painting. I like to paint one spot from slightly differing vantage points. Homage to an Ancient Mountain is based on a visit to the Con Robinson part of Campobello, and it’s the bright gold lichens viewed against distant gold-green seaweed that caught my eye. Quoddy Head in the distance establishes the sense of big space one experiences when looking out to sea.

TM8287 Of Low Tide and Lichens 16×16 oil on panel

Walking over a few yards (or should I say climbing over a few yards of sharp,wet terrain), one gains a slightly altered view. In Of Low Tide and Lichens, Grand Manon comes into view, along with the same Bay of Fundy. The gold lichens are even more abundant; the stone breaking the horizon seems to be saying look at me too! So I did. Below are close-up details from this painting, showing the foreground rocks and distant seaweed. Enjoy!

TM8287 Detail #2

TM8287 Detail #1

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