Development of a Squall

Earlier version of Squall, known as Fog and Snow

Based on a view from Campobello, New Brunswick, this painting has been slowly evolving in the studio. You might have seen it in an earlier post, titled Fog and Snow. It hung on the wall beyond my easel for a few weeks, taunting me. I liked the rocky outcrop and low tide, seaweed-covered land beyond, but something was missing. It seemed too quiet. My experience in situ was that the geography and weather are quite harsh, or at least dramatic. This past week’s arrival of our first northeaster of the season showed me what was missing. I needed a device that could express the wind, and the variability¬†of the climate in that location. Why not paint in a bit of a squall? Blowing and drifting snow might serve the purpose. Below you will find the new version of this painting, now titled Squall. Enjoy!

TM8284 Squall 17×17 oil on panel

One thought on “Development of a Squall

  1. Excellent! It gives me pleasure to know that a fellow artist can answer the taunts from a painting. I, personally, have tried covering my ears with my hands to keep them out but that makes it difficult to do anything else. Hmmm, maybe that’s their point…

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