Woodland Spring

TM8334 Woodland Spring 22x22 oil onpanel

TM8334 Woodland Spring 22×22 oil on panel

Yes, I know this may be premature, but I couldn’t wait a minute longer. Inspired by a past visit to The Garden in the Woods, in Framingham, Massachusetts, this painting has been in development for a long time. Several 6×6″ studies, followed by a few failed 12×12’s, until I decided to just go larger, and begin the painting using the monoprint techniques I use on my cosmos paintings. I think it captures the feeling of spring bursting out all over. …and waiting over a year for this much spring is fine by me. Enjoy!

Technical painting notes – The painting started with a thin layer of deep greenish umber rolled over the surface. I then began painting the “negative” areas of sky, reminiscent of carving the negative areas on a woodblock. I added the tree trunks for more definition and to establish the rudiments of composition. I wanted to portray the density of deep woodland when everything is coming back to life. While the initial detail was painted with brushes, I found the effect seemed forced, so I started applying the color with a piece of crumpled plastic wrap, which left a more chance mark and an interesting texture. several days of dabbing, then, when that was dry, I went back to the brush and added the more forceful gold and orange blossoms in the Ā foreground.

3 thoughts on “Woodland Spring

  1. Wow! This is gorgeous and truly captures the sense of Spring. I love the light that you have captured! It inspires me and I will have to try out some of the techniques that were used to achieve this. Brava!

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