Passing Autumn

TM8339 Passing Autumn 36x36 oil on panel

TM8339 Passing Autumn 36×36 oil on panel

It might be out of sync with the season, but Passing Autumn, a new painting featuring shades of red, is still part of my new pondscape series. The image is based on studies from the pond last October, but as with many of my “scapes,” the real subject is time and transitions. It is also my “get acquainted with red” painting. A real challenge for someone who lives on the cool side of the palette. In fact, it may be the first of a few versions of fall at the pond. It takes a while to adjust to so much red – how to mix it, how the pigments handle, opacity vs. transparency, getting over one’s fear of  such intensity, etc. The leaves were fun though!  I listened to Brian Eno’s ambient music for three pianos and drifted along with the leaves.  An enlarged detail of the lower right quadrant is below. Enjoy.

TM8339 Passing Autumn (detail - lower right quadrant)

TM8339 Passing Autumn (detail – lower right quadrant)

2 thoughts on “Passing Autumn

  1. This painting resides in that lovely area that Mondrian and Klimt explored as they pushed their vision of the natural world toward their own sublime synthesis.

    • The borderland between abstract and real is so mysterious. I do love it when I can take photographs that flip back and forth between the two. Of course interpreting the subject in paint afterwards can be a REAL CHALLENGE.

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