Beginning to Rain

TM8343 Beginning to Rain 22x22 oil on panel

TM8343 Beginning to Rain 22×22 oil on panel

I love rainy days, especially in spring. Walking around the pond, hearing frogs plop plopping off their logs, turtles dozing, the fresh smell of damp and rain coming, a wind picking up….that is the subject of this painting. Enjoy!

Technical painting notes – The painting began in my usual manner, with a roll-up of gray blue ink, then lots of spattering,  blotting, and wiping away of lights. But after working for a few days tightening up the details, it went “dead”, sooooo….. I took a chip brush loaded with pale gray paint and Liquin and boldly brushed the paint all over the upper part of the painting. I did the same on the lower half, but instead of  pale gray I used blue black. That changed things – the painting was interesting again. I resumed refining the details and adding many layers of glaze. Sometimes you have to destroy to find the real subject. The radical intervention gave a sense of movement to the air, and simplified the foreground, creating a glassy, dark, and more mysterious pond. Details below.

TM8343 Beginning to Rain (detail from center)

TM8343 Beginning to Rain (detail from center)

nc web TM8343 Beginning to Rain (detail, upper left of center)

TM8343 Beginning to Rain (detail of treeline)

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