Early April at the Pond

TM8347 Early April at the Pond 22x24 oil on panel

TM8347 Early April at the Pond 22×24 oil on panel

One last April painting from the pond – the evergreens are beginning to brighten, and deciduous buds aren’t far behind. I wanted to emphasize the  glow of sunlight breaking through the overcast sky, and the promise of real spring. Enjoy!

Technical painting notes – The painting started with a roll of gray/brown/violet oil paint mixed with Liquin medium and applied very loosely. I used Liquin and a plastic bag to “swish” the paint, both to completely cover the primed ground and to create broad, transparent  streaks. Spritzing the surface with solvent and blotting out the drips (and rock shapes) added texture, interest and form. When this layer dried, I used soft brushes to apply glazes and some broad details, then switched to nylon brushes (flats) to define the ledge, tree trunks, and branches. My goal was to keep the layers thin, so that each layer was partly visible in the final painting. I want the process to be evident, but subordinant  to recognizing and enjoying the subject. The sky was painted with multiple layers of translucent paint, with the clouds barely suggested.

TM8347 Early April at the Pond (detail of ledge and water)

TM8347 Early April at the Pond (detail of ledge and water)

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