The Afternoon Deepens

TM8358 The Afternoon Deepens 36x40 oil on panel

TM8358 The Afternoon Deepens 36×40 oil on panel

Landscape artists paint seasonally. and I am drawn to cool, shady ponds when summer heat waves stretch their way across the weeks. This pondscape is based on a woodland pond in Wayland, Massachusetts. Not a lake, but an intimate pond, teeming with layered life and full of wonderful reflections. In late afternoon, when the sun’s rays are slanting across the surface, the warm golden tones glow, while the leafy greens and  tracery of dark limbs make me think of stained glass. I especially love the thin pine needles floating on the surface. This totally realistic, close-up view of the pond is simultaneously quite abstract. Below, is an enlarged detail of the sunlit foreground.  Enjoy!

TM8358 The Afternoon Deepens (detail of sunlight on pond, floating needles)

TM8358 The Afternoon Deepens (detail of sunlight on pond, floating needles)

6 thoughts on “The Afternoon Deepens

  1. I have found that I too paint seasonally, I guess that happened when I changed to painting landscapes. Your pondscape is lovely, I can just smell it.

    • Thank you Annerose. It took quite a while to finally figure out how to paint this scene, and it isn’t what I envisioned when I started, but I’m pleased with the result. BY the way, I’ve been enjoying your work too!

    • Thank you Mark! It means so much when a fellow artist appreciates one’s work. I’d been contemplating the image for two years, started it two times previously and ended up sanding it off – finally the third attempt was charmed. It just flowed. Can’t wait to start a new one (sandpaper block at the ready…).

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