Morning Walk around the Pond

TM8363 Morning Walk around the Pond 36x40 oil on panel

TM8363 Morning Walk around the Pond 36×40 oil on panel

Every morning something’s a little different. It might be the pattern of emerging duckweed in the spring, or the tossed leaves left on the surface by a stiff breeze. Sometimes it feels as much like a garden as a pond, as if the bouquet of colors were meant for me (and everyone else who walks the path, be they human or canine).  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Morning Walk around the Pond

  1. Fabulous!!! I don’t know for how much time I’ve been looking at it, and yet can’t turn my eyes away and close the page! It happens often with the paintings that you share, but this one has stuck my eyes to the monitor for quite a bit!

    • I guess that’s the way I feel about my pond, too. The paintings are really my way of keeping the pond close by, or at least the feelings I have when I’m at the pond.

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