August at Arden Gallery

TM8316 Transparent Blue 36x60 oil

TM8316 Transparent Blue 36×60 oil

I’m pleased to announce that Arden Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts, USA will be showing the work of Matt Condron in the front gallery and my oceanscapes in the middle gallery. If you are in town, or looking for a fun stroll, I encourage you to amble down Newbury Street and enjoy the shows!

Condron - Three Blue Seats

Condron – Three Blue Seats

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6 thoughts on “August at Arden Gallery

  1. Hello,
    Although a bit out of subject I saw an old (1999) article on the internet about another great exhibition: Beyond a View: The Landscape Drawings of Teri Malo. I find those charcoal drawings beautiful and inspiring and I would like to know if there are some of those available somewhere. I am studiing charcoal drawing these days and those few drawings I find are a pleasure to study (and try to learn from it) Thank you very much .

    • I’m glad you are enjoying the drawings (I didn’t even know they were on the internet!) Many of the drawings I did for the exhibition were a combination of charcoal and graphite pencil. I was experimenting with a few different papers, and letting my eraser do a lot of the work. Tell me about your work…

      • Helo Teri,
        Thank you for your answer.
        As a trained and practicing architect i have sort of stopped my artistic path some time ago so i am now more a beginner than anything else.Althoug i always use to draw , actually in architecture the practice of using the computer to express yourself is common place so i`m using it at work a lot for visuals, and even try it for some digital painting. Digital painting is painting in the end so i started to study the basics of real painting. And so in a reverse way than is usual from digital to traditional mediums i started to learn and use the basics :charcoal , and searching on net for landscapes(a long way from usual concrete, man made materials i often use and see) i find a few of yours …. very inspiring large enough to admire but but unfortunatly small enough to try to study.As a novice trying to copy the work of masters and in mean time to learn is the way to go at least that`s what i think .That`s why i asked if there are some larger images of your works somwhere on the web.
        Sorry for this long exposure , and as you surely noted i`m not a native english speaker.
        Best wishes and congratulations for your work.

      • I’ll pass on some techniques I used on the drawings. First, I used a relatively smooth rag printmaking paper (Stonehenge). To start the drawings, I used a tissue dipped lightly in powdered charcoal then dabbed it on the paper to create an abstract pattern of tones and textures. Next, I used a kneadable eraser to remove lights and begin to build forms. I like shaping the eraser so that the highlights can be very precise. You can also get some lovely textures by kneading the eraser into a long sausage shape and rolling it across the charcoal “blotted” paper – especially usefull when drawing stones and ledge. Once the basic highlights and textures were revealed, I gave the paper a light spray of fixative, then proceeded to finish the drawing using regular mechanical pencils – some soft, some firm. A few drawings had a bit of colored pencil as well, though I really love the silvery effect of plain old charcoal and graphite. Hope you find this information useful – and have fun!

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