Theme and Variations – Waves

TM8367 TO the SIlver Linings 12x12 oil on panel

TM8367 To the SIlver Linings 12×12 oil on panel

TM8368 Reprieve 12x12 oil on panel

TM8368 Reprieve 12×12 oil on panel

I was recently asked to paint a small seascape that could be a companion to three other wave paintings of the same size.  The horizon lines had to match, but the mood, weather, and wave formations could vary. I said of course, and started work immediately (I happened to have two primed panels that were the requested size on hand at the studio). I started both panels, with the idea of finding two ways to meet the design requirements. Reprieve and To the Silver Linings are the result. Both feature an active wave and patterns of backwash, one has wisps of white clouds, the other gray. The three paintings seeking to become a quartet are below – which of the two new paintings would you choose to complete the set?

2 thoughts on “Theme and Variations – Waves

  1. If I must hazard a choice, I would give the edge to “Reprieve” . If only because the wave wall is slightly darker and closer in tone to the others. Also long like the others, where the top one has a slight height to it? Lovely paintings!

    • Thanks for taking the time to give me your thoughts, David. You make some good points. I’ll be bringing all the paintings to the gallery today, and will look forward to their reactions as well. If I were choosing, I’d go with “To the Silver Linings” because it introduces more sun and light into the grouping (and because I’m an optimist). I like to mix things up a bit to keep it all interesting.

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