Young (bold) Lily

TM8430 Young Lily 12x12 oil on panel

TM8430 Young Lily 12×12 oil on panel

The yellow lilies  arrive like a tight, yellow fist thrusting out of the water, as if to say “Here I am, you better be ready!”  I am, with my zoom lens and soggy sneakers. The feeling of density and lush growth around the lily is equally important to capture. The painting is based on a photo of the flower, and a sequence of photos documenting the lily pads over time. The yellow ribbon around the edges grows more pronounced as the pads age, eventually turning brownish red and almost violet. The upturned pad in back, probably pushed aside by another emerging bud, is another common sight at the pond. Add a scattering of duckweed and summer’s enthusiasm is clear. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Young (bold) Lily

    • I was at the pond yesterday watching the ice spread – still some gorgeous lily pads half under the ice, and remnants of lily stalks – pretty cool in their way…

      • Sentinels? My lily pads and remnants of stalks sank a while ago. All dormant. Waiting for springs arrival 2014. Entertaining!

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