Path to the Pond – September

TM8447 Path to the Pond 30×30 oil on panel

The Pondscapes are an investigation of both place and my response to it. Initially, I was drawn to the quiet of these locales, then the rich tapestry of reflections I saw on the surface of the water (nearly abstract, yet so abundantly specific). With Path to the Pond – September I enlarge the context by bringing you to the path, or way, into the woods. I exaggerated the curve of the path to emphasize the sense of walking into the unknown; risk is essential to appreciating discovery. Perhaps it is a metaphor for work in the studio, as well. An artist’s work depends on finding ways to translate and reveal the truth of a subject “in the world” onto a two-dimensional surface.

I’ve always searched for a way to depict the woods without burying the feel of the place under a cascade of details. Using monotype techniques and a brayer first  provides a textural start that establishes the feel of vegetation without painting every leaf. Detail below.

TM8447 Path to the Pond – detail

4 thoughts on “Path to the Pond – September

    • Thank you Gregorio. It does feel like the right path, and this path is starting to head into the woods around the pond. I was out this morning photographing yesterday’s snowfall before the wind could get to it. Sure looks complicated…..and cold…

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