Summer’s Poem

TM8453 Summer's Poem 36x40 oil on panel

TM8453 Summer’s Poem 36×40 oil on panel

Summer around here is about the color green – the pale lime greens of early summer, the deep true greens of mid-summer, and the golden/olive/dusty greens that venture in toward the end of summer. In the painting Summer’s Poem, I chose to bring the full spectrum of summer into play. It is an ode to the warm, luxuriant  richness of the season, beginning to end. It is the kind of summary that only a painting can provide. Instead of a snapshot of a moment in time, it is about the whole 3 months. Perhaps that is why time seems to stop in some paintings.  As artists, we can play with time, lengthening or shortening it to accomplish the feeling we want to portray. If I want you, the viewer, to linger and rest, I can slow the rhythms and broaden the transitions of color. Besides, this time of year is so lushly beautiful, I too want to slow down and enjoy it. Details below. Enjoy!

TM8453 SUmmer's Poem - detail from far bank

TM8453 Summer’s Poem – detail from far bank

TM8453 Summer's Poem - detail of pond foreground

TM8453 Summer’s Poem – detail of pond foreground

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