Late Spring

 TM8454 Late Spring 36x36 oil on panel

TM8454 Late Spring 36×36 oil on panel

With thunder and lightning, sleet, heavy rain, and potholes that want to eat my Scion for lunch, it is definitely the time of year for anticipating spring. Flowering trees, an abundance of green, soft humid air and elevated water lines are the subject of this oil on panel painting.  It is also about that particular time in February when slop and slip are so prevalent that I just have to find a way to spend time, vicariously, in the month of June. You’re welcome to join me!

TM8454 Late Spring - detail

TM8454 Late Spring – detail

For an extra dose of spring, you’ll soon be able to see a selection of my pondscapes in an exhibit titled Reflections at Arden Gallery, opening March 4, 2014 with a reception on Saturday, March 8 from 4-6pm.

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