Reflections #1

TM8455 Reflections #1 36x40 oil on panel

TM8455 Reflections #1 36×40 oil on panel

Reflections can be both thoughts and/or images seen in unexpected places. I like the idea of duality. Looking down the sky sneaks into the picture. A wet pond full of dry grasses. Abstract surface patterns reveal the three-dimensional world around the pond. Additionally, there’s the idea that the painting can be an object of contemplation, triggering long-forgotten associations and memories.  With all that in mind, I present Reflections #1, a new painting for your enjoyment and perusal.

Technical painting notes: The painting explores the way morning light and moisture filters across the water’s surface. There is also the suggestion of a bright cloud peeking through the trees, and evidence of a bright blue sky – all framed by the dark trunks of trees. I began the painting with a rolled dark blue/green layer of paint, then wiped and scraped out highlights. Textures were achieved by spritzing the surface with solvent and using the soft rubber brayer to reroll the paint. This softened and transferred textures. I also scraped into the wet paint. Once dry, I used mostly watercolor brushes to layer glazes and define details. I spattered tiny dots of paint on the surface using a small, beat-up nylon wash brush, emulating some of the dust and surface particles on the water. Later, I added more layers of glaze. Detail below.

TM8455 Reflections #1 -detail showing reflections of trees and grasses in the water

TM8455 Reflections #1 -detail showing reflections of trees and grasses in the water

2 thoughts on “Reflections #1

  1. I love this! Great description of the sky sneaking into the picture, it’s always so unexpected. Thanks for the description of your process, too.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Part of the fun (and difficulty) of the reflection paintings is finding something in the reflection and then having to make it feel “right,” as though it really, and intentionally, belongs. I love how mysterious and abstract reflections can be!

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