A Slice of the Pond

TM8545 A Slice of the Pond 24×50 oil on panel

It almost slides past notice, but then you look again and hear it. Like a score for summer’s music, the pattern of lily pad ovals suddenly turns into notes on an implied staff. The sound is there if you listen – slight ripples interrupted by pops of air and the plops of frogs, the breeze bending grasses, the rustle of one sound overlaying another….but quietly. Details below. Enjoy.

TM8545 A Slice of the Pond – detail
TM8545 A Slice of the Pond – detail from lower left

Technical painting notes: This painting was begun quite a few months ago, with a roll-up of warm siennas and ochres. Then it sat. I was afraid to work on it because it had started so well. I didn’t want to lose the freshness, and yellows, which always scare me with their loudness and lack of tonal range, were going to be the basis of the palette. Yipes! But living in fear of a flat piece of wood isn’t exactly an option either, so I dove into the process with glazes and a couple of new brushes for luck. The ripple patterns weren’t originally so present, but the length of the composition required their emphasis. I went with the warm sienna tones plus a touch of gray, green, and dusky red for subtle contrast. Playing with the grasses, I used calligraphic outlines on some for interest, and played around with the negative shapes to keep some variety. I’m not quite so afraid of yellow now.

4 thoughts on “A Slice of the Pond

  1. I love the idea of visual sound, like lily pads being notes on a score, I’ve done work with this, so much fun.
    And a beautiful painting too!

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