November Morning

TM8578 November Morning 28x32 oil on panel

TM8578 November Morning 28×32 oil on panel

After the lively chirps, croaks, and splashes of summer and fall, November is notable for its silences. Suddenly, the only sound is a rustle in the trees. Shadows are lengthening, and the hills surrounding my pond delay the arrival of the sun’s warmth a bit more each day. There are still a few ducks (in the distance), but otherwise everything is settling down for winter. I love the rich blue violets and grays of November. It’s a palette geared toward quiet subtleties – yes, even the colors seem to be filled with silence. Detail below. Enjoy.

TM8578 November Morning - detail from middle left of pond's far bank with ducks in

TM8578 November Morning – detail from middle left of pond’s far bank with ducks

2 thoughts on “November Morning

  1. Beautiful, Teri. Your palette, composition, values, brush work. You own the pond in every season. – Tom

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