Inside November

TM8587 Inside November 36×44 oil on panel

Inside November is part of the “Inside” series, looking into the watery heart of each month at the pond. November brings darkening shadows, cooler reflections, and the floating leaves and pine needles I so love to paint.  While October is full of strident reds, November leans toward cooler reds and dusky violets. One can feel the autumn symphony coming to its quiet close.  A recent visitor to the studio looked at Inside November and said,”I can taste the cranberries.” Maybe it’s the red and violets that caused such a fruity response. Or maybe those colors (and flavors) were in my subconscious when I was painting. Details below. Enjoy.

TM8587 Inside November – detail from right side with floating leaves

TM8587 Inside November – detail from lower left

Technical painting notes: I experimented with rolling out areas of thin glaze on this painting using a soft rubber brayer. The lavender gray sheen on the water is an example. Alternating layers of painted detail and spatter helped to give a sense of surface debris and dust. The final step was layering in variously colored, slender, willow leaves mixed with the maples and pine needles.

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