Small Oil Studies

There is nothing like practice, and the 6×6″ scale is ideal for trying out new materials, approaches, and ideas – and keeps things fun and portable. I use primed watercolor paper or rag matboard for my studies, and think of them as an opportunity to explore with my palette knife. The small paintings can serve as reminders of where I want to go with my work. Some of them go to Powers Gallery and find homes with collectors.

7 thoughts on “Small Oil Studies

  1. Teri, in this series you capture one of the most difficult of subjects – rapidly moving water. Well done, your spontaneous and impressionistic technique certainly works! These pictures make me dream of being at the seaside. Love them!

    • Thank you. I love the challenge of painting water, such a mutable subject. The issue is not painting what you see, necessarily, but painting the interaction of gravity, currents, and wind. I purposely start with an abstract, loose underpaintng in colors I hope will show through when I commence the “real” painting the following day. And it’s always a surprise. Often, the original idea disappears when a fluke accident of the knife or a dash of the wrong color turns the painting in a whole new direction. I try to remain faithful to the accidents.

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