October Throws a Party

nc web TM8640 October Throws a Party 36x40 oil on panel

TM8640 October Throws a Party 36×40 oil on panel

There’s red and then there’s the red explosion also known as the month of October in New England. I have been swept up by autumn’s vibrancy and range of reds – each shade of coral and orange, all the warm, cool, dark and tonal in-betweens. October Throws a Party is a tribute to the color red and to the season.

As I worked on the painting, orchestrating the colors and layers, I also thought about piano roll music with its sequenced dashes corresponding to notes. Each dash of paint (or scraped negative dash) felt like part of a score, a way of grouping colors into chords, of building a rhythm into the visual experience of the painting. The cloe-up detail below shows the way glaze was applied then scraped away to “echo” the paint applied with strokes of the brush, contributing depth and surface interest to the image.

nc web TM8640 October Throws a Party - close-up showing transparent layers, scraping into wet glaze

TM8640 October Throws a Party – close-up showing transparent layers and scraping of wet glaze


6 thoughts on “October Throws a Party

  1. Fabulous work, Teri. I love the brush strokes, the way you leave them unfiddled-with. So expressive. That’s something I don’t seem to allow myself to do🙂

    Happy painting!

    • Thank you Lance. We all struggle. I feel I often have to physically restrain my hand to keep it from killing off paintings. When I go too far, there’s always sandpaper as a last resort.

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